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How to deserialize a transaction hex to a readable object(or a json object) with Java language

Assuming I have a serialized transaction in hexadecimal, how can I deserialize it in Java?
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Multiple SPL Token Balance with one request

To get the balance of a specific token from a wallet, I use getTokenAccountsByOwner, but this is giving the balance for only one token, and I need to request for more than one token. I was wondering ...
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Unable to find devnet logs for errored programs with Java client

I am unable to find logs of failed solana program invocation (on devnet) when I invoke the program with Java solana client(this solanaj library). However, when I invoke the same program using @solana/...
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Deploying Solana onchain programs In Java

Can we create onchain programs in Java Programming Language In Solana? I have been studying about it and saw Rust, C and C++ languages. Can we do it in Java?
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How to verify a signature from the Phantom wallet?

I am able to sign a message on the client side using something like this: const encodedMessage = new TextEncoder().encode("some message"); const signedMessage = await provider.signMessage(...
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