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Do I publish the coin via a pull-request?

this is my first time developing a coin using Solana CLI. I have created a keypair, a minting wallet, a coin and minted the first batch. But how do I publish it? ChatGPT suggests to create a ...
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use external json as metadata for fungible asset

I hope my question is clear. So far I have been using metaboss to create fungible assets, which seemingly requires that I create local json files for the metadata. Is it possible to point it to an ...
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How to make the json for an mp3 Metaplex programmable NFT

What information would I put in a Metaplex programmable NFT's json if I wanted to make a music nft? Where should I put the link to the mp3 file and what can I leave unfilled out? I have a current ...
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Fetch NFT onchain data as JSON

I was wondering if, apart from the magic eden API, if it was possible to directly fetch on-chain NFT collection data(in JSON) with javascript? Or does that have to be done via web scraping?
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Splitting a Solana Keypair into Public and Private Keys

I have the JSON file containing the keypair which has an array containing 64 values: $ cat ~/my-solana-wallet/demo.json [4,182,130,247,119,117,227,207,112,73,170,126,222,197,244,99,215,107,255,202,33,...
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Meaning of slotSubscribe

What does the slot in slotSubscribe actually mean? It is not processed, confirmed, or finalized from what I can tell. Edit: The official documentation is not useful.
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What is the purpose of 'properties' field in Metaplex Token Standard?

The non-fungible standard mentioned here: Metaplex Docs has 'properties' field in its example. What is the purpose of this field? Is it required for the collection to add this field in its NFTs?
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how can I read a keypair from a json file that contains many objects?

My json file looks like { "keypairs": { "keypair1":[12345678], "keypair2":[12345678], "keypair3":[12345678], } } where [12345678] is ...
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