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How do I use 'solana redelegate-stake' with a Ledger HW?

I created the original stake using SolFlare and my Ledger HW. Now I want to redelegate that stake to a different Vote account. There appears to be a way to do it using the CLI solana redelegate-stake ...
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Signing a Ledger Transaction with python

I keep getting the Error: Invalid Status 6a80, and I have a hard time figuring out why. I am able to collect the publicKeys, but I unfortunately can't get signatures through it. any help will be much ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Ledger Nano S+ error on CLI even after update

I have checked the previous question on Ledger nano s+, and updated the cli to solana-cli 1.11.10 (src:843e018c; feat:4253057308) However, when I run solana-keygen pubkey usb://ledger?key=0, it shows ...
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deploying the smart contract with hardware wallet

would u plz help me with how can I deploy the smart contract written with anchor with a hardware wallet (ledger nano)? Hardware wallet doesn't have any keypair and I am not sure what should be as the ...
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Connecting to a Ledger wallet with Web3.js

I currently have a web app that uses web3.js to connect to Phantom wallets and sign with a relatively straightforward code snippet below: const response = await solana.connect(); const message = '...
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How I can sign a transaction with ledger nano using web3.js running through node?

I can't find anything within the library that points to this. Is it possible?
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"Error: no device found" when using Ledger Nano S Plus with Solana CLI

The Solana CLI tools are unable to detect a Ledger Nano S Plus hardware wallet. What do I need to do to make it work? $ solana -k usb://ledger?key=0/0 address Error: no device found
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