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Compiling and testing Solana programs on Apple Silicon (M1, M2, M3)

How do you compile and test Solana programs on Apple Silicon? How do you get programs and tests with zero-copy structs to work? Zero-copy structs are structs that do not require copy to deserialize or ...
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Illegal instruction (Mac M1 Max 13.3)

I've scoured discord and stack exchange but haven't found any solution that works for me. When I run a local validator (Solana test validator built from source), I get error: Ledger location: test-...
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solana-test-validator: illegal hardware instruction

Has anyone else experienced this error illegal hardware instruction when trying to run solana-test-validator? More specifically: Im using M1 Macbook and having versions solana-test-validator 1.14.3 (...
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Issues with installing solana on m1 mac book (macOS Monterey v12.6)

Followed guide to install solana as I was reading about issues installing with rosetta. But after running ./scripts/cargo-install-...
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how did you resolve installing solana-test-validator on a Mac M1 Max?

How did you overcome the challenge of reaching illegal hardware instruction solana-test-validator? I have installed Solana and Rust and Openssl. Running Solana --version returns solana-cli 1.13.2 (src:...
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Mac M1 compatible docker image

Has someone managed to build an m1 compatible solana docker image ? I tried to build one but I didn't succeed I need to run the solana-test-validator as part of a docker stack to run automated testing ...
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solana-test-validator "Illegal instruction" mac M1

When I run solana-test-validator I get Job 1, 'solana-test-validator' terminated by signal SIGILL (Illegal instruction) Configuration: Mac m1 12.1 cargo 1.62.1 (a748cf5a3 2022-06-08) rustup 1.25.1 (...
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