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how to parse master edition account in anchor? (MasterEditionV2)

im define in account context but give me error #[account(mut)] pub master_edition : Account<'info, mpl_token_metadata::state::MasterEditionV2>, but it show error lint like this : the trait ...
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Minting an edition NFT from the master edition - what is "metadata mint"?

I'm writing code to mint an edition NFT from a master using metaplex. The problem is when I call mint_new_edition_from_master_edition_via_token() it has a parameter called "metadata_mint" ...
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Difference between SFT with limited supply and NFTs using Master Edition and Edition accounts

Can someone explain the difference between an NFT with a Master-edition and edition accounts with a max supply of 1000 and an SFT with a max supply of 1000? For example, if I were making a platform on ...
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How to create multiple master editions NFT from metaplex sdk

What parameter should I need to pass in [await metaplex.nfts().create({})] in order to create number of master editions . I see the maxSupply represents the number of print editions .
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how to mint new edition form master edition?

I have been struggling with minting new edition form master edition. Its been days now, and I can not solve the problem. onchain code ctx.accounts.new_metadata.to_account_info(), ctx....
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Can I airdrop a frozen Master Edition token?

If I create an NFT by setting mintAuthority to null and foregoing a metaplex Master Edition, I retain the ability to arbitrarily freeze and thaw NFTs so long as I retain freezeAuthority on the token (...
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