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Solana Rust: Signature verification failed

I'm getting Solana transaction signature verification error. I tried many methods but my result is always same, which is "false" Below is my code: let node_client = RpcClient::new("...
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1 answer

how to verify a signature message on a solana contract

Are there any examples available? I would like to verify the signature on a contract. I hope to achieve something similar to the following: fn verify(message: &[u8; 32], sig_bytes: &[u8; 64], ...
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1 answer

I am using phantom wallet and trying to sign typed data

Hi I am trying to sign a message using solana/wallet-adapter and gets error: "Cannot sign transaction using sign message" code example below, Solflare and Wallet Connect treats Uint8Array ...
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1 answer

How compact-u16 construct works and is created?

I just started reading through solana documentation and stumbled upon compact-u16 struct. To my understanding the sole reason for it existing is transferring less data via transaction by average, ...
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How to recover publicKey from signature + known message?

I'm implementing a sign in with Solana, and i'm trying to recover the user's publicKey from their signature + the known message they signed. I know for Ethereum, ethers provides a method to do this, ...
4 votes
2 answers

Can a solana send transaction add arbitrary data like a message?

Is there a way to add a message to a send transaction on solana? And how can this be viewed and what is the max message length?
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How do I upload this canvas png as an NFT? [closed]

I'm trying to create a basic message sender that allows you to type a message and send it to any SOL address. I know HTML & CSS but new to react and know little basic js. This was built using npx ...
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1 answer

How to send a short message / memo to a specific address

Hello Solana lovers / buidlers, I would love to send short message to Solana users to their address. For example by sending a transaction on the block chain. Is there a simple way to do this ? I found ...