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What is `tokenStandard` in On-Chain Metadata?

I've been using MetaBoss to create fungible tokens. Here's an example of how I'm doing it: metaboss create fungible -d 9 -m onchain_metadata.json When I do, the tokenStandard in the token's metadata ...
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Update Metaplex's token metadata - how to change the mutable parameter

I'm using the spl-token command line. What is the simplest way to change the token metadata (from the Metaplex Token Metadata program) and set mutable to false? Thanks!
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Metaplex Account and Update Metadata

Im surching and trying now about 3 days, but I never find a simple answer: Where do I find, a step by step doc, to install the metaplex-foundation "file". I´ve already done the "npm ...
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Solana SPL Token logo doesn't show anywhere [duplicate]

I made an token using spl-token before I found out about the new standards. So I uploaded my metadata using Metaboss and my token name and symbol appear in Solscan and Phantom wallet but my logo doesn'...
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Metaboss update error 0x37

Trying to update NFT metadata using metaboss update, but when uploading new data with the keypair set as the update authority i'm getting 0x36 (cannot unilaterally verify another creator), and when i ...
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Image not updating in phantom Wallet

I have updated NFT metadata which is successfully updated on and and a new image is showing up. Phantom wallet is still showing the old image. What could be the issue?
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How to transfer Candy Machine Authority?

How do we transfer Candy Machine Authority and the collection NFT authority to a new wallet? Want to keep this on a Ledger after the Candy Machine is created. Do we need to use Metaboss for this? ...
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How can I get a hash list of unverified NFT's created by a specific update authority or creator address from the CLI?

How can I get all of the unverified NFT's via the CLI from a recent airdrop? By creator address or update authority because there's no candy machine. I need a list so I can sign/verify, or null them. ...
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