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changed config from devnet to mainnet, how to I migrate my tokens so I see hem when checking spl-token accounts?(2 question btw)

(Question 1) before I did this; (so i could change metadata) I'd see my 80 mil tokens in the account made for the new minted token, now when I use spl-token accounts I just get spl-token accounts ...
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1 answer

My transactions are lost

I'm running an application that sends Sol and some tokens to wallet. But even I didn't get any error on the preflight, few of my transactions are keep missing. I spending 3M microlamports for compute ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Slot was skipped. But ledger tool command says it's present. How to fix?

This slot is present in other 3 nodes I'm running and has no errors. Only this node is giving errors for this block and 1000s of other blocks. The ledger tool shows the slot is present. solana@us-...
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missing signature for supplied pubkey

Hi Guys I need help when I am trying to check Solana balance or address getting error missing signature for supplied Pubkey:...... I tried doing Solana Config set -k getting same error
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1 vote
0 answers

Cannot locate sent solana from ledger to coinbase [closed]

So I sent some solana from my ledger to my coinbase and now it’s missing, the address match exactly except the address I sent it to is in all lowercase anyway to revive my funds since it’s the correct ...
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