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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Size must be known in advance when using READ_ALL

I want to fetch an Account using the SolanaKt library Code: try { val serializer = SolanaAccountSerializer(ProgramInfo.serializer()) val account = solana.api.getAccountInfo(serializer, ...
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Why does my react web app break on mobile when trying to sign an off-chain message

The user journey is as follows: user lands on my react website user connects their wallet user is then prompted to "Sign this message for authentication: " user signs the message and sends ...
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Using the React MobileWalletAdapter to sign transactions with wallet apps

Recent releases of coral's React wallet adapter component allow mobile browsers like Firefox to connect a wallet through an app like Solflare. However, when the dapp code tries to sign a transaction, ...
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Wallet adapter mobile returns WalletNotSelectedError while connect phantom on mobile device

I develop a dapp with a React native webview. Here is my webview code: import MetaMaskSDK from "@metamask/sdk"; import { SolanaMobileWalletAdapter, SolanaMobileWalletAdapterWalletName, } ...
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Phantom mobile app fails silently when interacting with new Mobile Wallet Adapter?

I upgraded to latest version of in order to use the Mobile Wallet Adapter in Android devices. AS the time of writing this, the only wallets that have ...
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On mobile browsers how do I properly authorize and sign a message in a single wallet session

I work on a React (Next.js) web project which connects to a NestJS backend. The process of wallet authentication on server is the following: wallet connects to our frontend app frontend sends the ...
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How to get Solana mobile wallet adapter working [closed]

I have created a web app using react and This works fine with the desktop wallet adapters, but I would like to use the mobile wallet adapters also so I ...
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