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Questions tagged [mobile-wallet-adapter]

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Solana Wallet showing unkown network on connecting to React Native

I am following the official Solana Mobile Stack docs to connect my react native dapp to phantom wallet on my real device. But whenever I try to connect, the phantom wallet opens and shows unkown ...
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Wallet Adapter Saga Mobile

I cannot get the Anza/Solana Wallet Adapter to work with Saga mobile with any wallets. When I try to sign a Message or Tx I get "Wallet Error: Unexpected Error". The provided demo does not ...
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Serialising/deserialising data on android

I am currently going though the Solana development course and I try to adapt what I learn onto an Android application. Everything is going great so far but now I am stuck when I try to serialise/...
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Phantom wallet google plugin missing

I use the same Google account for the browsers of two computers. There is a phantom wallet on the old computer (no private key backup). When I used the old computer today, it automatically ...
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java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Size must be known in advance when using READ_ALL

I want to fetch an Account using the SolanaKt library Code: try { val serializer = SolanaAccountSerializer(ProgramInfo.serializer()) val account = solana.api.getAccountInfo(serializer, ...
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