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How do I create a BpfLoaderUpgradable update instruction using the JavaScript SDK?

I need to deploy a buffer to program_id using an app that utlizes a multisig contract. A prudent method to managing deployment is to upload to a buffer with a less trusted account and then use a ...
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invoke_signed mint_to with native multisig

I'm trying to mint from a program with a multisig authority. The idea basically is to have a token-mint with multisig (1-N) authority [created with native solana-spl createMultisig. I put the program ...
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[SOLVED]Offline signing a multisig transaction with a wallet adapter, invalid signatures

I've been working on a React Multisig UI for offline creation and signing of transactions. I'm wondering how to create a signature identical to that of nacl.sign.detached() or web3js.partialSign() ...
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