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Solana API RPC Devnet query - cluster version query failed

I have my config RPC URL set as When I do a solana balance in CLI, I get Error: RPC request error: cluster version query failed: error sending a request for URL (https://...
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How to get Solana network status via API?

Are there any RPC endpoints or public APIs that provide the cluster health information that is available here:
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Why is TPS used to determine the Solana network health?

Why is Transactions Per Second (TPS) used as measure to indicate the Solana network performance? In my opinion TPS depends on traffic in general. If nearly nobody is using the chain, the TPS is low. ...
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How to measure the network's current Transactions Per Second (TPS)

What are the ways to measure the current Transactions Per Second (TPS) of the network? I studied and experimented with the solana CLI, but was unsure of a clean way to get a reliable measure at a ...
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