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How to get NFT total supply?

I would like to store the total supply of an NFT collection on-chain. However it seems this value is not in the collection metadata. How can I then obtain this value on-chain ?
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How to allow withdraw of spl-tokens based on price growth

I am a beginner and I am learning about Solana development with anchor. I am trying to create a token vesting program that allows a user withdraw tokens based on price growth. For example, a user will ...
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Extension to extension request

We are developing an extension allowing users to make on-chain transaction.But they should connect their phantom to our extension. However, because Our product is an extension and other wallets are ...
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- Design Pattern (Discussion) Address Lookuptables to compress on chain storage of `PubKeys`

Reading up on ALT's, A certain usecase came to mind, where in a program if for some arbitary reason i want to store a list of pubkeys(32bytes) say in the 10,000 on chain, wdnt using ALT allow me to ...
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What rust std::collection datastructure are not supported on Solana

I remember there used to be this limitation that std::collection::Hashmap data structure was not supported and the solution was to use a pda, i just wanted to find information on all such possible ...
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Source of slot_hash and current timestamp on chain

I know the Clock and Slothashes sysvars return a current timestamp and history of slot hashes, but my question is where this data comes from? Is this the timestamp that correlates to the latest ...
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Is it possible make an API POST inside an on-chain program?

Once a transaction has been completed, the application I'm building needs to send a POST to my API.I believe that posting on chain is the most secure approach to go about it (instead of posting from ...
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How to read the on-chain program

How to read on-chain program and also how to fetch idl for it. Could you please provide the steps with an example?
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How to write on-chain program leveraging the "Address Lookup Table" feature

I would like to write an on-chain program that leverages the "Address Lookup Table" feature ( I would like the on-chain program to de-...
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GET all collections of NFT, API, Magic eden

Good morning. I'm looking to make a small coinmarketcap, but from solana nfts, like solsniper or matricnft. I have tried with the magic eden api but it does not give many options, get /collections can ...
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How do I create an NFT using Anchor?

What is the simplest way to create an NFT using Anchor, without using the candy machine. The goal is to be able to mint a token and corresponding metadata. Ideally with a single instruction.
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What are the frameworks and development environments for Solana?

I’m familiar with Ethereum and EVM-based smart contracts. I wanted to know if similar development environments and frameworks like Truffle and Hardhat for Ethereum are available for Solana. Also, from ...
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