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Which accounts can a program close?

Suppose I use the function close, which closes an arbitrary account, pub fn close(ctx: Context<Close>) -> ProgramResult { let dest_starting_lamports = ctx.accounts.destination....
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Solana CLI how to fix this? Not configured Program ID

PS C:\Users\Keola> spl-token mint 4ZPyP3fGWEoFV7ey32jqwJGCydyK9(censored) 80000000 14fbryUnN5Px4GGg1MMgTKawpyvBXUz(censored) Error: "Account 14fbryUnN5Px4GGg1MMgTKawpyvBXUz(censored) is owned ...
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Problems with understanding Solana address ownership [duplicate]

When I put my Solana address to Solscan, it shows this: Owner: System Program isOnCurve: True Does this mean I’m the only one onwer of the wallet? And it is not owned by anyone else or smart contract? ...
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Solana Account owner change to BPFLoaderUpgradeab1e11111111111111111111111

My wallet have been changed Assigned Program Id from System program to BPFLoaderUpgradeab1e11111111111111111111111, how can I reassign to system program? Any help
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My ownership transferred to another program. How can i set it back to systemprogram?

Scammer transferred my program to another program. Now my wallet is assigned to his program. So I it can't pay for transaction fees anymore. How can I set it back to system program to recover ?
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Why do some token accounts own themselves?

I was under the impression that accounts owned by users owned a set of token accounts which each represent one distinct token that they own - meaning token accounts would only be owned by a user. For ...
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How to set owner role in this like we set owner to solidity?

"In my contract, I require the implementation of an owner role, creating what is commonly known as an 'ownable' contract pattern. This entails the inclusion of three key functions within my ...
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Can an owned account be on-curve?

As the title states, is it possible for an account to be on-curve but still be owned by a different account? I'd assume not, as this would make authority weird since said account also has a private ...
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Check the owner of an NFT

I'm currently developing an NFT Marketplace on Solana, by using Anchor. In my create_listing function, I need to check that a person that want to list the NFT actually holds the NFT they want to list. ...
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What is the difference between a delegate and owner?

On the topic of cNFTs, there is a leaf_delegate and leaf_owner. Can anyone explain what is a leaf_delegate for cNFTs? And what is the difference between the two?
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How can I get all the NFTs for a creator address?

I'm interested in retrieving all the NFTs associated with a specific creator address. I'm looking for a method or approach to gather comprehensive information about the NFTs owned or created by a ...
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How to resolve error: 'TokenkegQfeZyiNwAJbNbGKPFXCWuBvf9Ss623VQ5DA excluded from account secondary indexes; this RPC method unavailable for key'?

I am using connection.getTokenLargestAccounts(new PublicKey(tokenAddress)); method to fetch the owners of a token. Calling this function like below, on an array of NFT address on mainnet-beta via ...
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How to handle transfer with wallets of different owner than SystemProgram

I am currently developing an app that will request users to transfer X amount of sol to my wallet address via Phantom wallet, But I faced an error while testing this, the error was that "This ...
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Difference between authority and owner

From the Solana Cookbook, I can tell from the diagram that an Authority can sign transactions on behalf of the account whereas only an Owner can modify it. I can also tell that ownership can be ...
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Implementation of AssignWithSeed?

I cant seem to understand how to change the ownership of a system owned account. How do I pass in new owner to the instruction?
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Who has the right to modify an account and who signs transactions?

I understand that in Solana, an account has an holder, which is the private key to the public key representing the account. An account also has anowner which is the program that is allowed to modify ...
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How is Token Account Owner Different from Account Owner and Account Holder?

I am learning about Solana's account model. So far so good, these are the things I have found: Solana account is represented by the AccountInfo struct and whose structure is basically this: pub ...
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Why does magic eden buy_now instruction #3 fail

We are trying to execute a magic eden buy now instruction, by sending it to the chain inside of a transaction. There are 3 instructions. For clarity we posted a picture of a fund flow from a working ...
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How to check if a wallet owns at least one NFT within a collection

Is it possible to call something like wallet.BalanceOf(NFTCollectionId)? I see how you can check to see if a specific account owns a specific NFT, but don’t see a way to check if the account owns at ...
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how to fetch SPL by owner without NFT tokens

I am using the following code: public async getTokensAccountbyOwner(publicKey: PublicKey) { const accounts = await this.connection.getParsedProgramAccounts( TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID, // new PublicKey("...
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