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Send SPL per lamport for msg.sender solana alternative

I just switched to solana from solidity. currently im using solang for ease of use. I know in solana there is no msg.sender but solana can detect payer of tx. I want to write a program that will send ...
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What's the best way to have a single payer for my NFT site?

I am building an NFT platform where a list of wallets are allowlisted to mint a membership NFT. We want our platform to pay the fees, rent, etc. on minting. What's the best way to do this? (currently ...
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Who actually signs a Solana transaction?

The code below is copied from the code here describe("hello-solana", () => { // Loading these from local files for development // const connection = new Connection(`http://...
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How can a PDA act as the fee payer?

In my program, when I call the frontend function I'd like the PDA to be the fee payer and not the end user (so end user has not to approve transaction), although my PDA is stated as isSigner in my ...
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Find msg.sender(payer of the tx) in a solana program

So i understand a msg.sender equivalent is the payer of the tx in solana , if so is there a way in vanilla solana or anchor to retrieve msg.sender i.e payer of the tx ? as i understand it if there are ...
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