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Token balances on liquidity pools

How can I get to the price in a liquidity pool? I assumed it would be as simple as getting the balances of both tokens and doing quoteBalance / baseBalance, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Below ...
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How to computeAmountOut in Python?

Assume i have the given information from raydium swap (retrieved it using simulateTransaction): { 'status': 1, 'coin_decimals': 9, 'pc_decimals': 9, 'lp_decimals': 9, 'pool_pc_amount': ...
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How can I set the minting price of candy machine in javascript?

I've created candy machine. but I'm not sure how can I set the minting price of this candy machine. also I don't know where the minting sol is charged in my candy machine. it's creator wallet? anyone ...
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How to fetch the price of a token(off-chain) based on token name/symbol/address

I'm building a client that acts as a wallet portfolio application. I'm wondering if there's a way for me to fetch the price of a token, based on its name/symbol/address?
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How to calculate token prices from LP pairs?

On EVM networks you can query the blockchain for the balance of the LP pair reserves (token0, token1) and calculate prices from there. How do I replicate something similar on the solana blockchain. I'...
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