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Seeking API for Real-Time Token Pricing and Market Cap on Solana ( Using Python)

Solana community! I am developing a Python application that requires real-time data on cryptocurrency prices and market capitalization for specific tokens on the Solana blockchain. My initial research ...
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Solana SPL price on Solscan

What is the requirement or way to do to get a token show the price on Solscan? Thank you
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Live prices for tokens

just wanted to ask how do platforms like birdeye track live prices for tokens such as MEW with pools in e.g raydium/orca.. Trying to build some apis for self learning and was wondering if i could ...
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How to get the price of the token on Raydium through the contract address of the token?

I'm using the Raydium SDK to implement a few functions, and I'm new to the blockchain space. I just want to know how to get the current price of a token, which is how much sol a token is currently ...
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How to subscribe (listen) to SPL token transactions with full data using @solana/web3.js

I've searched a lot and can't find a solution. I want to track SPL token swap transactions to calculate the token price and get information about wallets. I found several solutions, but still have ...
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How to get the historical floor price data of a specified NFT?

How can I get historical prices for nft (Star atlas ships ). I tried to search all transactions - but it is very expensive, and in general there is a limit of one thousand signatures. I will be glad ...
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Token balances on liquidity pools

How can I get to the price in a liquidity pool? I assumed it would be as simple as getting the balances of both tokens and doing quoteBalance / baseBalance, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Below ...
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How to computeAmountOut in Python?

Assume i have the given information from raydium swap (retrieved it using simulateTransaction): { 'status': 1, 'coin_decimals': 9, 'pc_decimals': 9, 'lp_decimals': 9, 'pool_pc_amount': ...
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How to fetch the price of a token(off-chain) based on token name/symbol/address

I'm building a client that acts as a wallet portfolio application. I'm wondering if there's a way for me to fetch the price of a token, based on its name/symbol/address?
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How to calculate token prices from LP pairs?

On EVM networks you can query the blockchain for the balance of the LP pair reserves (token0, token1) and calculate prices from there. How do I replicate something similar on the solana blockchain. I'...
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