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2 answers

Low latency in RPC node (~30 seconds delay)

I am trying to develop an snipe bot but when detecting new pools from Raydium I detect them between 20-40 seconds after creation. I have tried with QuickNode and Helius RPC nodes, but I don't see a ...
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1 answer

Difference TPU vs TPUQuic

I was testing some RPC api and invoking getClusterNodes I get this result: featureSet: 3746964731, gossip: '', pubkey: '2xte5CBkCBEBLNviyAfvSaTkMy6tvg99Cy3XJj9EJJs2', ...
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Yellowstone Geyser GRPC Error FailedtoLoadPlugin

When launching my validator (self hosted, working for more than a month and updated to a plugin matching version (1.17.20)) the validator first load then return an error. The plugin is https://github....
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Solana Private Cluster - Can't Upgrade Program

Has anyone encountered this? I have a private cluster that is running in AWS. I can deploy programs, but when I try and upgrade them all of the transactions go through the bpfupgradeloader with no ...
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3 votes
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Error: rpc simulateTransaction error while trying to fetch quotes from Ray

For more context, this is for a trading bot being built around Jupiter swaps Raydium swaps using the Ray sdk I often get this error while trying to fetch quotes from Ray. And usually if I just fetch ...
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How long will it take to create Solana RPC node?

As we know that it takes a long time to synchronize the data when building an Ether node, I would like to know how long it takes to build a Solana RPC node until it is ready to interact, and is it the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Running 2 nodes at the same time on single server

I plan to run 2 RPC nodes (1.13 + 1.14) on an Epyc server with adequate NVMe. What's the recommended way of linking the nodes together or maybe to force to connect to eachother, so I can get at least ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Time require to restart solana validator

I am new to Solana stuff. I just create my Solana private rpc node. I have a few questions in mind if anyone could help it would be great. 1- How much time it will take if I restart the Solana ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Modified RPC node

I'm in a project where we need to fetch various account data and other information from the network. We expect that doing this over RPC is going to be a bottleneck eventually. I'd like to just have ...
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Private Node drops transactions while solana-test-validator does not

I am trying to run a custom benchmark for Solana and have noticed the following odd (or maybe not) behaviour. I create a single node cluster by following the instructions in:
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