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How to get a token's "pubkey" prior to owning it?

executing the following code using solana's mint address, So11111111111111111111111111111111111111112, I can't get the public key for Solana if I don't have wrapped Solana in my wallet. How can you ...
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Create_program_address vs find_program_address

In the Rust crate, there are create_program_address and find_program_address. When using Anchor, I have seen both of them being used for doing address matching. Noticeably, find_program_address does ...
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Get AccountInfo from ProgramId, or invoke program method using ProgramID

If I've programId (Pubkey) of a program, is it possible to get AccountInfo (or Program) object somehow? Or conversely, is it possible to somehow invoke a (view) method on program if its programId is ...
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Creating a Custom Vanity Key / Wallet

I recently tried to create a paper wallet following the command below; solana-keygen grind --starts-with kiz:1 --use-mnemonic --word-count 24 --language english --no-outfile --no-bip39-passphrase The ...
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MagicEden DutchAuction address

MagicEden has a few programs, such as EnglishAuction, EnglishAuctionSpl, DutchAuction, and, possibly DutchAuctionSpl. But I weren't able to find address of a DutchAuction program anywhere. What is it? ...
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Inside programs is it "better" to pass Pubkey as a reference?

What are the consequences of passing public keys as references or as values inside programs? Which approach should I use as a default? As I understand now passing public keys on the stack might blow ...
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Why does CandyMachine use `cmp_pubkeys` function and not an `Eq` trait?

CandyMachine program has this function, which is used extensively in the program code: pub fn cmp_pubkeys(a: &Pubkey, b: &Pubkey) -> bool { sol_memcmp(a.as_ref(), b.as_ref(), ...
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