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Account Locks and Limits [duplicate]

I have a question regarding how account locks work on the runtime. We have a transaction that has 104 readonly accounts and 25 writeable accounts. This transaction is failing with TooManyAccountLocks. ...
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Memory address alignment in Solana runtime?

On CPUs of some architectures, memory addresses of variables (including fields of structs) should align with its size. Thus for example, a u64 variable (whose size in bytes is 8) cannot reside in ...
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How to use solana-client from a tokio async runtime?

I am working in a tokio async environment, built from tokio::runtime::Runtime::block_on. fn start() { ... enter preformatted text here let runtime = tokio::runtime::Runtime::...
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Changes to runtime's LoadedPrograms between 1.17.6 and versions after in the ProgramTest context

Can someone summarize the changes to how LoadedPrograms work between version 1.17.6 and versions after? The changes have broken my ProgramTest setup and I would like to know if I can recreate it after ...
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Are Tx process parallel? How are the account data guaranteed not overrided each other by simultaneous Tx?

As stated in title. Does runtime sort all input account an add mutex-locker to those accounts that are mutable?
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How is The Transaction processed on the blockchain side in solana?

I am trying to understand solana code for our project. So when we create an instruction it will be converted into the message(HERE) . and into a transaction and sent over the chain. Then it will be in ...
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Source of slot_hash and current timestamp on chain

I know the Clock and Slothashes sysvars return a current timestamp and history of slot hashes, but my question is where this data comes from? Is this the timestamp that correlates to the latest ...
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Anchor Error: InstructionDidNotDeserialize

I was following this tutorial: "Build a TikTok Web 3.0 Blockchain App with Solana" and got around the 2:50:00 timestamp when I tried adding a TikTok, and it gave me this error: Then I ...
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Best Approach to overcome stack size limitation for ZK-Proof verification

I'm working on designing ZK-STARK rollups for Solana - by deploying a general purpose stark verifier on solana. A typical proof is around ~50KB. What would be the most efficient approach to write the ...
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Is it safe to assume that the program_id passed via the solana runtime Entrypoint cannot be Forged

I am writing a program of which I cannot know the program ID ahead of time for several non-trivial reasons. I am curious whether or not it is safe to assume the safety of the program_id passed via the ...
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Does a PDA have to be owned by its signer?

Typically, when one creates a PDA, both the signing program and the owning program are the same. You have an account owned by Program A, such that: Only Program A can sign for this PDA, and Only ...
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How to get result of a previous instruction within a transaction

How could we get the result of a previous instruction within a transaction with multiple instructions? Say we are swapping a token on an AMM and so we are uncertain of the amount of tokens we are ...
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Does Solana have additional aligment guarantees on `data` field of AccountInfo?

data field of Solana account is a byte slice, according to type system it is byte-aligned. Does runtime internally use more strict alignment rules? i.e. can I rely on the assumption, that data field ...
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Is executing `SystemProgram.createAccount` and `Token. InitializeAccount` in different transactions considered safe?

Solana Docs for the Token program state that: It's important to note that the InitializeAccount instruction does not require the Solana account being initialized also be a signer. The ...
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Some quick yes/no questions regarding Solana transaction validation process [closed]

What My End Game Is I'm trying to understand what the fastest way to execute a transaction on the Solana chain is. From reading the Solana docs, I have some guesses, but need confirmation from anyone :...
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Runtime Error: "InvalidRentPayingAccount" [closed]

Why am I getting this error? This is the runtime error version of Can you create accounts with less lamports than the rent-exempt minimum?
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