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How to sign a TX offline by Solana SDK? And then send it afterwards

I need to prepare in advance, for a month, a 100 of TXs signed in offline, for SOL and USDT, USDC. In the documentation - offline transactions - it's described how to sign them via the cli utilities ...
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Error on building sdk with solita on anchor-lang:0.28.0

No matching version is found by solita for anchor-cli: 0.28.0 on , which gives error.
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Minimal makefile to build a Solana program in C?

So the Solana helloworld example has a makefile that includes a much bigger makefile that does helpful things like generating make targets based on the names of your programs. This also makes it much ...
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How to fix "ELF error: Relative jump out of bounds at instruction" on example-helloworld deploy (target sbf-solana-solana cpu sbfv2)?

We are using the latest Solana monorepo [1] and our goal is to run the Solana example-helloworld [2] Using sbf-solana-solana target and sbfv2 CPU. First, we patched programs/bpf_loader/src/syscalls/...
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How to create multiple master editions NFT from metaplex sdk

What parameter should I need to pass in [await metaplex.nfts().create({})] in order to create number of master editions . I see the maxSupply represents the number of print editions .
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How to fix 'ELF error: Dynamic stack frames detected but not enabled' while running the Solana helloworld example C program using SBF v2 processor?

using solana sdk 1.14.11 [1], my goal is to execute the Solana helloworld example C program [2] using the SBF v2 processor [3] on the local solana-test-validator. When deploying the program locally, ...
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Get feePayer (Signer) from @project-serum/sol-wallet-adapter and use it in @solana/spl-token

I used a package called @project-serum/sol-wallet-adapter and I want to use createMint() and mintTo() functions in @solana/spl-token. The problem is that I can't get the feePayer or the Signer in ...
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How do I create a BpfLoaderUpgradable update instruction using the JavaScript SDK?

I need to deploy a buffer to program_id using an app that utlizes a multisig contract. A prudent method to managing deployment is to upload to a buffer with a less trusted account and then use a ...
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Create collection using metaplex js sdk

I would like to create a collection and then add nft to it. The code I use: const a = ( await metaplex .nfts() .create({ name: "My off-chain name", uri: &...
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Why is Reward::lamports signed?

The Rewards type of the Solana protocol is the only instance of i64 for lamports. pub enum RewardType { Fee, Rent, Staking, Voting, } pub struct Reward { pub pubkey: String, ...
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Get staking rewards for a specific account

Wondering what is the best way to get all the rewards for a specific account. Currently I’m using getInflationReward RPC endpoint but it requires me to call it per epoch so eventually I’m looping from ...
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Is there a PHP SDK to pull the on-chain information in Solana?

There's a huge community of developers who build in PHP language. Is there a plan to build PHP SDK apart from JS SDK as well? Especially to pull on-chain data? Update: Howrare created a PHP SDK to ...
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