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Shadow Drive CLI for Creating Storage Account not working

I was trying to create a storage account on shadow drive, using their CLI commands. But it gives error as shown below after timing out. I have 5 SHDW in the wallet I am using and I am just trying to ...
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1 answer

Example on how to swap solana for a token on-chain?

I have a Dapp that need to use the genesysGo shadow token. I would like to ask the user to validate a transaction and pay in Solana. The on-chain program would buy the token then the front-end would ...
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Working in Rust with signers across threads -- T: Signer + Send + Sync

I'm working with the Shadow Drive Rust SDK and would like to pass a Box<dyn Signer> to it (I'd like to allow for keypair, remote wallet, or presign), which requires that I wrap it order to make ...
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