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How is Sign In With Solana nonce used? Is it left to user to verify?

I am trying to implement SIWS using the instructions from, so far it works. But its pretty vague, how the nonce is used, in the example the nonce is even ...
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1 vote
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Sign with multiple PDAs in Anchor using .with_signers()

I want to create an Account using SOL contained in a PDA. For that I guess I need two signatures, the payer(master) that will pay for the CPI call and the rent, and the receiver(subordinate). How do I ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Receive Unknown?

When customers go to my NFT project to claim/buy an NFT, wallet shows "Receive Unknown" (image from phantom extension attached). What should I do to have the name of the NFT pop up on ...
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How to have a single transaction that enables a custom program to verify two partial offline signers?

I need a single transaction that allows a custom program to verify that two signers are who they say they are: signer1: create, sign, serialize transaction and send to signer2. signer2: deserialize, ...
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