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Listening to all transactions on the blockchian

I am trying to listen to all the transactions which happen on the blockchain in realtime in an efficient manner. Initially, I tried to use the blockSubscribe RPC subscription, but it is unstable as of ...
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Mainnet node lags behind after migration to v1.16.17

We are running a solana node since around April 2023. It was running fine since that time except some minor issues. But it looks like since the migration to the v1.16.17 it’s very difficult to make it ...
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What are slots used for?

I try to understand what slots are for. ethereum has same term but everything I read about slots are so abstract. From different solana docs, I read those Solana has 432,000 slots per epoch which ...
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what is the average total prioritization fee per slot currently

Curious if there are resources that I can use to get the average prioritization fee per slot or at least visualize them. if not possible, then still interested in anecdotal data about what the average ...
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Does TPS metric include failed transactions in the calculation?

I'm new to Solana and I was reading about TPS metric. I got there are vote and non-vote transactions in it, but what about failed transactions? Let's say we have this slot: and the transaction ...
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Meaning of slotSubscribe

What does the slot in slotSubscribe actually mean? It is not processed, confirmed, or finalized from what I can tell. Edit: The official documentation is not useful.
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Are there any downsides to using unix_timestamp vs slot to time lock programs?

Let's say I want to restrict access to my program up until a certain time. Given some future time I can either: Use Clock::get()?.unix_timestamp to check if my future time has occurred yet Assuming ...
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How to subscribe to slot with Rust?

The PubsubClient::slot_subscribe(&args.endpoint).unwrap(); returns an error ``Err value: ConnectionError(Url(UnsupportedUrlScheme))' when using ""
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Missing slots with getBlock

The Dune team was going through all the slots in the Solana blockchain and from slot 1634073 to 1690556 (56k) we are receiving, on "getBlock" method, error -32009 with message "Slot XXX ...
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How are blocks validated long before they are added to the chain?

After looking into Solana extremely in-depth, I am failing to understand how blocks can be added to the chain within 800ms (as said in the docs). This doesn’t seem possible because the time to get ...
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Why is the amount of slots doesn't match the amount of blocks on mainnet

The documentation states that a block is: A contiguous set of entries on the ledger covered by a vote. A leader produces at most one block per slot. (emphasis mine) But it doesn't specify what might ...
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TransactionExpiredBlockheightExceededError - how should we handle this on the front-end [closed]

I am getting an error message when creating a signature Error: TransactionExpiredBlockheightExceededError: Signature ...
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Confirmations vs commitment .how to to understand RpcResponse from a confirmation

So following the answer from this thread: How many solana transaction confirmations are enough to declare a transaction as finalized before it hits 31 and actually finalizes itself? Solana doesn't ...
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How do I get Onchain, the timestamp in milliseconds at which a specific slot was finalized

I am working on a piece of code, but require to know the timestamp in best case milliseconds, and worst case seconds, at which a specific slot number was executed. is there historical data onchain ...
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How is a block defined in solana terminology

As I understand a slot is period of time a pre-determined leader ingests transactions, signs them , distributes it to the validators to vote on them, technically there is no delay between a leader ...
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Convert slot to timestamp in Geyser

I currently run a Geyser plugin and it sends slot alongside every account. Is there a reliable way to determine when the slot occurred? When the plugin boots up, it sends all accounts since genesis. ...
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