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AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'encoding' when trying to pull transfers for a token

I'm working on a Python script to pull successful transfers from the mint address. When I call the script below this is the error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/user/Documents/...
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How to verify data on chain with Solana

I am currently facing a big problem with Solana. I will start with a very simple example for the explanation: In fact I want to create a smart contract, in this smart contract there will be the name ...
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Connection to solana cluster using the ThinClient of the rust client library giving timeout error?

I am trying to connect to solana using the ThinClient provided by the solana client library: It requires a Rpc ...
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Proper usage of `getProgramAccounts` via Rust SDK. Cannot execute RPC call from SDK

I want to list all user accounts for a given SPL mint token. I have been following the docs over here I can manage to execute the RPC call from the CLI using curl (notice I am using my own pre-...
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Buffer undefined when using Javascript SDK in Cloudflare Worker [closed]

I am trying to use the Solana web3 SDK in a Sveltekit app on Cloudflare pages. For the frontend, we were able to manually import Buffer and add it to the window. And that works great. Since Cloudflare ...
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Testing Solana Programs

So I'm looking for a way to write solana smart contract test cases, which crates are used for doing so? Example test cases written in rust would be of great help! I can write smart contracts using ...
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