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Changes to runtime's LoadedPrograms between 1.17.6 and versions after in the ProgramTest context

Can someone summarize the changes to how LoadedPrograms work between version 1.17.6 and versions after? The changes have broken my ProgramTest setup and I would like to know if I can recreate it after ...
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Testing Solana Programs

So I'm looking for a way to write solana smart contract test cases, which crates are used for doing so? Example test cases written in rust would be of great help! I can write smart contracts using ...
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How to use spl_token account with solana-program-test crate?

I am trying to write a test with the solana-program-test crate for a solana program. This program makes a CPI to a token program: let ix = Instruction { program_id: *token_program.key, ...
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Failed to send transaction: Transaction simulation failed: Error processing Instruction 0: incorrect program id for instruction

In the const sx = await sendAndConfirmTransaction i am getting error const { Connection, Keypair, SystemProgram, SYSVAR_RENT_PUBKEY, TransactionInstruction, ...
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Solana Program Test with installed geyser plugin

For the program I'm writing I need to "fast forward" the validator clock for some of my tests. I noticed that warp_slot is available in solana-program-test however I can't seem to find or ...
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Solana 1.17+, what processor should be used when instantiating ProgramTest::new()?

I recently upgraded from Solana 1.14 to 1.17.22 and I'm not able to write rust tests that way I've previously been able to. Specifically, previously, when instantiating ProgramTest::new I've typically ...
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Error while trying to use solana_program_test?

i am getting "RpcError(DeadlineExceeded)" all time.
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How to add AddressLookupTab1e1111111111111111111111111 to ProgramTest

I am getting this error : [2024-01-07T15:07:17.830011345Z DEBUG solana_runtime::message_processor::stable_log] Program AddressLookupTab1e1111111111111111111111111 invoke [1] [2024-01-07T15:07:17....
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Implement get_program_accounts using BanksClient

BanksClient doesn't have a get_program_accounts method. Is there a way to mimic it?
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Solana program tests are not running in isolated environment

I am running tests with cargo test-sbf. We have a Global Program State that needs to be created only once the lifetime of program. All the program tests are isolated that means I have to do it in all ...
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Is it possible to do getProgramAccounts using ProgramTestContext?

I am trying to speed up my tests by switching from using a local test validator to using ProgramTestContext. This will let me execute multiple tests in parallel where each one has its own instance of ...
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