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How to use createCloseAccountInstruction to close TOKEN-2022 ? Using @solana/spl-token

Now i am using createCloseAccountInstruction of @solana/spl-token to close empty Token account . My code working fine for TOKEN-PROGRAM . But when i try to swith into TOKEN-2022 and call the ...
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how to transfer spl token with transfer-hook extension

I used the Solana Playground wallet to deploy a program and obtained the program ID. The ID is 6baxXgMr7HypeTBhN64rbrt31UwbSeRtsQQxGw1KBi5b. Then, I used the following script to create an SPL token. //...
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How to run @solana/spl-token on client side js?

I am using SvelteKit & static adapter. Haven't found any working solution till now. BTW Browersify doesnt work. I think i need to polyfill some variables. What are those if i need to polyfill?
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How to add links to telegram/website/X to new fungible Solana token?

I've seen some tutorials how to update/create metadata for new token to be displayed properly in solanascan and phantom wallet metadata.json fields that work normally with metabos updated uri are name,...
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Receiving TypeError: codecs_data_structures_1.getBytesCodec is not a function while importing @solana/spl-token

I'm integrating Wormhole and Solana into my react web application, but in the execution phase I receive the following error: Uncaught TypeError: (0 , codecs_data_structures_1.getBytesCodec) is not a ...
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2 answers

Can connected Wallet pay for createMint solana-spl?

I'm using vue.js, solana-wallets-vue and @solana/spl-token to create a mint for the connected user. I want to createMint and set the connected wallet as payer. import * as web3 from '@solana/web3.js'...
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