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Accidentally sent Solana to an ATA (fluxbot) on Solflare & not my wallet [closed]

I accidentally sent SOLANA to an ATA (fluxbot) on Solflare. Coinbase couldn’t help me. How do I access the ATA?
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Solflare wallet - Swap - Fraud

hoping that you may give me some guidance. 1 - I wanted to buy Jupiter Coin which will come live on 31st Jan. 2 - In my solflare wallet , I had 3.9 Sol. 3 - I used SWAP option and placed my Sol tokens ...
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Solana wallets transaction failing in Flutter

I am using solana_wallet_adapter to launch any installed Solana wallet like Solflare & Phantom to approve a transaction to send SOL from the user's account to an address I've given. Following is ...
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Solflare web wallet

GM everyone, Very specific question here ⁉️ Is there any way to connect to solflare web wallet directly, from a program point of view ? When I try to connect to solflare wallet, I have a pop-up asking ...
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What is the actual format of a Solana wallet address?

This is a newbie question. Such as address like - zGmof8SeyvHKnSEWv4i2mVv7MYe85D3zZqsTBjsKXSV Is it base64?
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Why don't wallets auto-create an associated token account if one doesn't exist?

I have a fake USDC coin that I created on testnet. I minted 100 FUSDC to a token account belonging to Wallet 1. Then tried to send it from Wallet 1 -> Wallet 2 which also reside in my Phantom ...
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How to make my custom "fungible" token appear with logo on Solflare?

The Solana Token List is now archived. So I tried adding the token metadata to metaplex. Here's what I uploaded: { "description":"Fake USDC for testing.", "image":&...
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