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4 votes
2 answers

Getting SOL balance via api for an address

I'm trying to just get the SOL balance, but I get returned a full list of tokens. I'm using solscan ...
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1 answer

Fetch NFT onchain data as JSON

I was wondering if, apart from the magic eden API, if it was possible to directly fetch on-chain NFT collection data(in JSON) with javascript? Or does that have to be done via web scraping?
2 votes
0 answers

How to add twitter and website handles to my spl-token to show in solscan?

I have created an spl-token and added metadata using metaplex createMetadataInstruction. I have added twitter and website links in uri but it is not showing in solscan and even I tried by adding ...
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0 answers

How to track the source pool showing in Serum?

This coin shows a TVL of $12K through Solscan on Serum. Can someone please help me track the source pool if it really exists? Is ...
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how can i fetch instruction count split by program name , as a line chart over time? [closed]

The solscan home page has aggregated metrics for instruction volume by program over a period of time. Is there a way I can get the trend over time for each program? (
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How to get transactions for a wallet using

I am trying to make an application that interacts with all the wallets that have sent me solana. I am trying to track the wallets that have sent me solana. I am currently using SolScan to execute this ...
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2 answers

How we can decode an Instruction from a list in a transaction receipt

I would like to decode a sell instruction from a transaction, to obtain instruction detail. Idem as make Solscan with a transaction after we sell an NFT on Opensea or Magiceden. For example the code ...