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Problem with account data serialization and deserializatin

I'm working on a Solana program and encountered an issue related to state management with Program Derived Accounts (PDAs). I successfully created a state for my Solana program and saved it to a PDA (...
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How does SOL accounting work in non-rent-exempt programs?

I wonder how does one reason about SOL accounting in non-rent-exempt Programs? It seems to me that static analysis of a Program's balance is impossible besides just assuming that it changes on each ...
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Can anyone close non-rent-exempt accounts?

This statement from Alchemy's tutorial has caught my attention (emphasis mine): To reclaim Solana storage fees, developers and everyday Solana users can close accounts to receive their storage fees ...
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Can the state of removed Programs be recovered after they failed to pay rent?

From the docs on rent: Accounts that do not maintain their rent exempt status, or have a balance high enough to pay rent, are removed from the network in a process known as garbage collection. What ...
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State Compression - Where data is stored?

My team and I have a doubt where we need some clarification. In the context of state compression: Is the data stored off-chain or somewhere else within the Solana ecosystem? Where the actual data is ...
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what is ledger space in solana?

from here On Solana, State Compression is the method of creating a "fingerprint" (or hash) of off-chain data and storing this fingerprint on-chain for secure verification. Effectively using ...
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How does Solana Store the world state?

Compared to ethereum what DataStructure is used under the hood to store the world state at any point in time? Is it a flat-db or like in ethereum the world state every account + its storage + balance +...
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How do validators maintain valid state without having the full state from genesis

As the question states a bit confused on how a validator knows a current state is valid if he does not have the data from genesis, is it in the form of blockhashes, such that when a validator first ...
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