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Emergency withdraw feature for system program

This isnt so much a question as it is a feature request, but currently with the solana program i can create a program that writes a bit of data to your account and claims ownership, if you sign this ...
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declared program id mismatch

We copied a solana program from a youtube vid. The program id : Ecr5UgGyJTnKraLRPYBXrK9RD7DfoVDYfSioVksnnfjA is this one. We copied it and deployed it on our own and here is what we got. program id : ...
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Problems with understanding Solana address ownership [duplicate]

When I put my Solana address to Solscan, it shows this: Owner: System Program isOnCurve: True Does this mean I’m the only one onwer of the wallet? And it is not owned by anyone else or smart contract? ...
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Solana Account owner change to BPFLoaderUpgradeab1e11111111111111111111111

My wallet have been changed Assigned Program Id from System program to BPFLoaderUpgradeab1e11111111111111111111111, how can I reassign to system program? Any help
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Can Transactions in the System Program Accommodate Arbitrary Signers Beyond Required Accounts?

I'm seeking clarity regarding the signers involved in transactions with the system program. Can transactions accommodate additional signers beyond the required ones mandated by the program? For ...
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What is a system_program in anchor?

While defining my accounts' structures I encountered this error: a non-optional init constraint requires a non-optional system_program field to exist in the account validation struct. Use the Program ...
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How can the system program credit accounts if the ownership changes?

I may have misunderstood how accounts work but it is my understanding that if a program is marked as the owner of an account then that program can modify the data in the account. By default, all new ...
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Convert solana wallet to custom program owned wallet

Is it possible to convert a system program owned account which has sol and other spl tokens in it to a custom program owned account and still retain all the items the account previously had?
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"Access violation in stack frame 3 at address 0x200003ff0 of size 8 by instruction #35516" , even though I use zero copy on my account struct

This is my account struct pub struct ClaimRewards<'info> { #[account(init_if_needed, payer = payer, seeds = [OKUSEED.as_ref()], bump, mint::decimals = 6, mint::authority = mint)] pub ...
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How can a system transfer instruction not result in a corresponding balance change?

I found a mainnet transaction with an inner system transfer instruction which does not seem to create a corresponding SOL balance change. The inner system transafer is transfering 0.001 SOL from ...
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Do Empty System Accounts require initialization before receiving SOL?

When I transfer SOL from my wallet to a PDA (~1000 Lamports). I get Transaction simulation failed: Transaction results in an account (2) without insufficient funds for rent Do I need to initialize my ...
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How to handle transfer with wallets of different owner than SystemProgram

I am currently developing an app that will request users to transfer X amount of sol to my wallet address via Phantom wallet, But I faced an error while testing this, the error was that "This ...
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System Program undeclared crate in Anchor

I am getting this error when using anchor build. error[E0433]: failed to resolve: use of undeclared crate or module system_program --> programs/account_data_program/src/instructions/ |...
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Metaplex Create NFT Error: Transfer: `from` must not carry data

I'm trying to combine the instructions from the metaplex create nft builder with a sol transfer instruction. I got this far: let useNewMint = Keypair.generate(); let localMeta = Metaplex.make(...
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I tansfered ownership of my wallet to a program. How can I set it back to SystemProgram?

I played around with Anchor and put my wallet pubkey in the newAccount field. Now my wallet is assigned to my program. So I it can't pay for transaction fees anymore.
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Implementation of AssignWithSeed?

I cant seem to understand how to change the ownership of a system owned account. How do I pass in new owner to the instruction?
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2 answers

SOL transfer via CPI signed with PDA throws fails

I am trying to make a SOL transfer from the bank account into the client account, but the operation fails with the following error: Cross-program invocation with unauthorized signer or writable ...
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What is System Program?

I am confused about System Program. I found this explanation: One of the native programs is the System Program. This program can create new accounts, allocate account data, assign accounts to owning ...
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What is the rent exemption minimum for a SystemProgram account created by a SOL transfer

Trying to figure out the exact lamports needed to make a "wallet" (account created by a SOL transfer) rent exempt. There are lots of contradictory information on this topic, some sources say ...
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Sign PDA (owned by system program)

I have a program which consists of transferring funds to an account and works fine on the frontend, but that PDA is owned by the system program and when calling the function to transfer the funds, the ...
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Then what is the purpose of `CreateWithSeed` instruction?

System Program has two distinct instructions: CreateAccount and CreateWithSeed. The latter's documentation says: Create a new account at an address derived from a base pubkey and a seed This sounds ...
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Is executing `SystemProgram.createAccount` and `Token. InitializeAccount` in different transactions considered safe?

Solana Docs for the Token program state that: It's important to note that the InitializeAccount instruction does not require the Solana account being initialized also be a signer. The ...
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do I no longer have to explicitly include signer and system program accounts in my transaction (anchor)?

this is the context in my smart contract: #[derive(Accounts)] pub struct Send<'info> { #[account(mut, seeds = [b"pda"], bump = pda.bump)] pub pda: Account<'info, MyData>...
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