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How to Run a Solana Test Network

I'm trying to set up a test network using the scripts provided in this Solana git repository. I've got the AWS CLI configured as I want to run the network as an EC2 instance. I run the ./ create ...
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Getting Testnet Tokens

I am trying to get testnet tokens by running solana airdrop 1 HYvnptcanM1x2jsPvLC8qjvYvxXWQUdm6ZRhk1YiUHe6 --url And I get Requesting airdrop of 1 SOL Error: error ...
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Requesting airdrop of SOL on devnet or testnet throws error, rate limit is reached, even though I never reached the rate limit in the first place

I currently only have 0.623 SOL on this account, and I have not requested more than 24 sol per day/ 2 sol per airdrop, so I don't understand why it says "rate limit reached". How can I fix ...
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Get All Forks in an Epoch

I like to see forks and how they resolve. How to get all forks happened in mainnet-beta of current epoch?
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How do I deploy a program to a remote test validator?

I'm having some trouble deploying the hello world program to a remote solana-test-validator hosted in Google Compute Engine. On my local machine, when I run solana program deploy dist/program/...
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Return airdropped lamports on devnet and testnet?

I feel guilty taking airdrops and putting them into accounts that I never use again. Is there a way to return the airdropped lamports? Or should I not be so caring? I don't want to hog all the ...
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How to start a validator in solana?

I have tried starting a local validator using solana cli command solana-test-validator. It works fine and starts from block 1 for localhost. But when I am following this doc: Starting a Validator and ...
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Tesnet RPC node lags benhind syncing

I'm trying to setup a RPC Testnet node but unfortunately this node is slowly lagging behind syncing. I've tried latest recommendations after Aug 2022 Testnet restart but problem still persists. Find ...
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How do we get test stablecoins on Solana like USDC or USDT?

I posted this two times on two different channels on Solana Discord without replies. I'm posting here now praying there's an answer. And yes I even googled but no joy.
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How frequent are ledger resets on the public devnet and testnet clusters?

In the clusters section on the official website:, both the devnet and testnet have "ledger resets". How frequent are these ledger resets on both the devnet ...
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Is there a way to get large amounts of SOL on Devnet/Testnet

For proper testing of our app, we need large amounts of SOL (upwards of 50,000 SOL) in Devnet and/or Testnet accounts. The solana airdrop command is becoming more and more limited, both in terms of ...
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What are the differences between Devnet, Testnet, and Mainnet?

In an idiomatic sense, what is the best way to understand the purpose of Devnet, Testnet, and Mainnet for someone completely new to the ecosystem? Which one is usually best for building and testing a ...
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How to get SOL for Solana Testnet?

How to receive or generate SOL for Solana Testnet ( for testing purposes?
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