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Solana transaction timestamp

What does the timestamp in a transaction represent? Is it the timestamp when tx was first received by the leader, is it the timestamp when the tx was confirmed, or something else?
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In the basic Solana network, which parties have access to which data?

When trying to reason about whether SOL transactions provide certain types of privacy, it would be very helpful to have a complete list of the information accessible to each party in the basic (...
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Control time anchor test

I want to control time like moving forward to a specified block or time so that we can check if the function after the block/time lasts works well. Is there any way to do that in anchor solana?
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After Minting X amount of NFTs change Price

I am very new to Solana. I have a client's rust Program, it mint NFTs and allow admin who deployed the Solana Program to change the price. I have to add functionality to change the Sol price once X ...
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How can I retrieve or calculate estimated time remaining in the current epoch?

I'm using the solana_client crate, but looking at the JSON RPC API I also don't see any way to retrieve the time remaining in the current epoch. Is this because where this is displayed it is a ...
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Recommended way to get Co-ordinated cluster time off chain

Q1.What is the recommended way to fetch current cluster co-ordinated timestamp ? is it via fetching the clock account and deserializing it if so is there a method which takes care of deserializing it, ...
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