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2 answers

How to fetch the current list of SPL tokens?

I'm looking to programmatically fetch the (full) official list of SPL tokens so that I can do a fuzzy search on ticker symbols. For a given input string, I would like to get a dictionary of all token ...
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Stuck in the process validate/attest, adding to strict list SPL v2 SOL token

Mint address: 8Vi8Rc3cWzKwcNnC2LkG8DPPrYoMETu1WNGHCfLaudwd Sorry new ... I am not completely understanding were to submit these questions and how to get on strict list.
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1 answer

Any way to migrate a legacy "tokenlist" token to use Metaplex Fungible Token Metadata if the token's mint authority is disabled?

Title says it all. We have a token with "Current mint authority: disabled". We would love to add Metadata and update the logo but it appears this may be impossible now that the old tokenlist....
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1 vote
2 answers

Where can I read current token information now solana-labs/token-list is deprecated?

The npm package for @solana/spl-token-registry says PRs are paused, and there hasn't been any updates since them. What can I read current information on Solana tokens? Eg their mint addresses, icons, ...
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