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I cant send my USDC-SOL from coinbase wallet ewerywhere why?

I need help i have USDC in Solana network and i cant send to my another wallet and coinbase app. Please help me, i have information send went wrong
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Sender can send but the receiver not receing amount, and also I can't make it work for USDC

Hello Stack Overflow community, I'm encountering a few challenges with a transaction, and I'd appreciate your insights. Problem with Transaction Signature: I'm receiving the signature from the sender,...
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Do I absolutely need SOL to sell or swap USDC? [closed]

I'm trying to ramp off USDC from my Brave Wallet but I don't have SOL, do I need to buy some just to get rid of (swap or sell) USDC?
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Why aren't SPL token TXs included in getSignaturesForAddress(...)?

For instance: Currently, there're 6 TXs on the main tab. On the SPL Transfers tab the most recent TX with USDC ($1100) was made ...
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Get USDC Metadata

I can get the metadata of any token I build like that: import { Metaplex, keypairIdentity } from '@metaplex-foundation/js'; import { Metadata } from "@metaplex-foundation/mpl-token-metadata";...
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How to get USDC balance in a Phantom Wallet?

I have some code in reactjs which gets the sol balance from a Phantom wallet (Content Functional Component), how can this be changed to get the USDC balance in the same wallet? Here is the code ...
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Transfer USDC from one wallet address to another address

I'm new to SOL. I've been reading this and this but there's no vanilla JS code. And this actually mixes a lot of conditions - from knowing the wallet private key to transferring from a wallet ...
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How do we get test stablecoins on Solana like USDC or USDT?

I posted this two times on two different channels on Solana Discord without replies. I'm posting here now praying there's an answer. And yes I even googled but no joy.
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