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Very Transaction Signature in Ruby

We're building an authentication system between our server and mobile app where the user can sign a multi-wallet (their wallet and our wallet) Tx, submit it to our authentication endpoint where we ...
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Solana too many requests

I want to send multiple transactions, and I am using multiple recent block hashes in my code. With some time public RPCs get exhausted. Are there good alternatives for doing something like 100 API ...
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Recent Block Hash Issue with Multiple transactions

I want to do multiple transactions at one, When I tried to execute the transactions it shows that block-hash not found, I guess due to expiration of the block. How can I overcome this issue? Sometimes ...
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Stuck in the process validate/attest, adding to strict list SPL v2 SOL token

Mint address: 8Vi8Rc3cWzKwcNnC2LkG8DPPrYoMETu1WNGHCfLaudwd Sorry new ... I am not completely understanding were to submit these questions and how to get on strict list.
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Trying to understand how safe it is to use "processed" , "commited" or "confirmed"

Hey guys anchor noob back at it with another noob question! Alright so I have a program that accepts deposits to a user pda (tx1), based on certain events the user might instantly get a payout from ...
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Session persistence on blockchain

I'm quite new to blockchain and was wondering if someone can help me regarding the session persistence on Web3 applications. I come from a Web2 background with experience in developing websites in ...
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How to validate that partially signed transactions aren't malicious?

Taken from If Alice is the fee payer and has to sign the transaction, how does she know that Bob hasn't ...
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How to setup local validator rpc on solscan?

I want to check transactions and programs details on my local validator, how can I setup it on ? I am trying to do it by typing "http://localhost:8899" in "Custom ...
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How to sign with PDAs

I have a this function pub fn sign_up(ctx: Context<SignUp> , user_name: String , phone_number: String , email: String) -> Result<()> {// logic is here} And in SignUp i have : #[derive(...
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NFT Ticket Validation

I am developing an app that needs Venue Ticket validation. So when our user goes to an event the vendor can check the owner of that NFT or NFTs. What methods can we use? Right now I see signature ...
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Validation check on inputs

I have a sign_up function : pub fn sign_up(ctx: Context<SignUp> , user_name: String , phone: String , email: String) -> Result<()> {// Code is here } and one of the arguments is ...
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How is censorship resistance maintained while RPC nodes are separate from validators?

I understand how Solana validators maintain censorship resistance. However, client's transactions are being received by RPC nodes, which (at least in some/many cases) separate from the validators. The ...
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How to check if signature string is valid?

I'm trying to write a conditional to see if a string is valid according to Solana standards. In documentation it says: Each digital signature is in the ed25519 binary format and consumes 64 bytes. ...
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Is it possible to use conditional seed for PDA creation?

So, the two endpoints I am using are almost identical, the only difference being the seed used in the creation of PDA for each of the accounts. I will start with the abstract of my program: First of ...
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How can I determine whether a transaction completed successfully?

How can I determine whether a transaction completed successfully? Basically I'm going to have a Cron task that will perform an instruction from my Smart Contract. This instruction, once performed, ...
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