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solana signature verification

solana transaction signature verification i proposal many method to verify signature and when ever i trigger fn result always same to "false" let node_client = RpcClient::new("https://...
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How to verify solana program (SPL Token) on Solana?

I'm struggling to find an answer to how to verify solana programs code on Solana (for a SPL token). On Ethereum there's a function in the IDE to verify the contract, but I can't seem to find out how ...
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Metaplex metadata program creator is verified without signing

In this transaction a metadata account is created in instruction 5.6. (Parsed instruction). In the create metadata instruction from metaplex-metadata-program there is a loop over the creators array. A ...
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How to get merkle proofs for data stored on chain?

I am creating an application on solana and I would like merkle proofs for my data like other blockchains. - this is the most I ...
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