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Is it not possible to verify NFT collections with the set_and_verify_collection function in the current version?

Please understand that the meaning may not be conveyed properly due to the use of Google Translator. To get straight to the point, we are trying to verify the collection set using the ...
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Verify new token solana explorer

I have a new token built in dexlab. But when I search in Explorer, it displays the below message. I researched some days ago, but I cannot find any way to fix it. Warning! Token names and logos are ...
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How to verify solana program (SPL Token) on Solana?

I'm struggling to find an answer to how to verify solana programs code on Solana (for a SPL token). On Ethereum there's a function in the IDE to verify the contract, but I can't seem to find out how ...
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Verified Solana Programs

I remembered we used to have Anchor Registry that allowed users to view the source code for programs on Solana. Sadly, it looks like the site isn't working or isn't being maintained anymore. Does ...
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How to get merkle proofs for data stored on chain?

I am creating an application on solana and I would like merkle proofs for my data like other blockchains. - this is the most I ...
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Do I have to verify all creators every time after creating an nft?

From the metaplex js test. After creating an NFT I need to verify all creator as such metaplex.nfts().verifyCreator({ mintAddress: nft.address, creator }); Does it need to be done after every ...
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How can I make a survey which you can only interact with if you own an nft of a certain collection?

looking to build a website for voting and stuff that DAOs do.
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Verify public and private key combination

If we have both a wallet address and private key, what is the best way to determine if the private key is indeed corresponding to the wallet address using a NodeJS server. Is the best way to sign a ...
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Is there a transaction instruction verification system in place to avoid verifying user-fed transaction id's in a server?

Is there an efficient way to solve the verification of a particular transaction in the server? For example, I want the user to transfer 100 XYZ tokens. But while confirming the transaction in the ...
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How do I integrate NFT uses?

I am developing a ticketing application. How can I make an NFT have a single use with the "uses" parameter, then when the user shows up to the event and verifies his ownership of the wallet ...
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