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error: Unable to update registry `crates-io` while cargo build-bpf

I just started learning solona. And following the solana guide while learning Cargo build-bpf, i am getting following error on wsl 2, Debian biplab@BIPLAB:/mnt/d/Rust/rust_project/solana$ cargo build-...
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run a local node fail: solana-test-validator fail

I use wsl2 in windows11: ubuntu 20.04. And I set the proxy in the ~/.bashrc: export https_proxy="" export http_proxy="" I follow this ...
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Transaction simulation failed: Error processing Instruction 0: Program failed to complete

I'm trying to get an example lottery project to run in my local environment. Anchor test projects and all that work for me. Anchor build - deploy - test all runs well. However on this https://github....
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WSL_Ubuntu: 'hello-solana': error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have seen much around this issue but no resolution so starting a new thread. Does anyone have line of sight into this issue? I have attempted all suggested fixes in related posts ...
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WSL + anchor: ERROR "admin.rpc does not exist"

I'm trying to run a Solana App through WSL. When running "anchor localnet" to test the app I get the following error: "Unable to connect to validator: Client error: .anchor/test-ledger/...
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Building Solana from Source results in error: expected item, found `..` --> frozen-abi/macro/

When running ./scripts/ . from the instructions in the Solana docs ( I am seeing error: expected item, found '...
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`anchor build` fails with error, "failed to load manifest for workspace member"

I tried some stuff with anchor today but I kept running into issues. I couldnt find a solution for this besides using wsl: PS E:\Programming\solana\mysolanaapp> anchor build Failed to obtain ...
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