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Solana private information verification

I was wondering if it's currently possible to verify personal or private information on-chain on Solana. Specifically, I would like it to be verifiable that a certain amount of an ETF is held on a ...
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solana zk program

I couldn't find any example of usage, I'm trying the following and getting Attempt to load a program that does not exist. This is trying the official Solana zk-program:
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Syncing up Web2 games to the blockchain

I was wondering if anyone could provide insight into the following: Let's say I have a Web2 game where a character can run around, fight enemies, and eventually is able to open a chest to receive an ...
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Are some of the confidential transfer instructions like transfer, withdraw, deposit cross program invokable?

confidential transfer instructions like transfer, withdraw, deposit require you to provide zk-proofs from the client side, is there a workaround where i can transfer tokens confidentially from a PDA ...
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Does Solana support any popular zkSNARK libraries?

I am learning how to compile zkSNARK circuits with Iden3's circom compiler. I am seeing pretty good usage of circom, Polygon is using it, and other ...
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E-voting: How to hide transaction data on a chain, but still use it for calculations?

Does anyone know if there is any support for homomorphic encryption, blind signatures, ZKP or mixnets for Solana/Anchor programs? I am working on a e-voting project, where final results need to be ...
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