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how to deploy a program using clients like @solana/web3.js, @project-serum/anchor

I dont want to deploy a program using cli or solana playground ide I want to deploy a program using clients packages of solana/web3.js, @project-serum/anchor, or any other packages can anyone please ...
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Can I change the program to use different programID?

I need to deploy my current program with different programId. It's already deployed to the devnet. But I need to deploy it again to devnet using different programId. Is that possible?. Thanks.
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7 votes
2 answers

how to convert pubkey to accountinfo?

I'm writing a program where I'm fetching the program_address (as below) and now I want to convert the publicKey to AccountInfo and use it to do token transfer CPI. let (asset, bump_seed) = Pubkey::...
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Defining composite fields using Anchor Accounts structs from other crates

Consider an anchor workspace set up like so: programs/a/ programs/b/ programs/c/ common/ With accounts struct in the common crate: // common/ #[derive(Accounts)] pub ...
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