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How to create a metadata account with python?

2024 update to @KingKevin answer Change createMetadataAccountArgsV3 to CreateMetadataAccountV3InstructionArgs
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Issue with .env file

If you've added key like this SECRET_KEY="[(179, 94, 10, 171, 165, 165, 59)]" just remove parentheses and leave only square brackets.
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Unable to add instruction to a transaction

I don't think this is possible without Jito. Solana has a max transaction size of 1232 bytes ( Therefore if your instructions are ...
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Unable to add instruction to a transaction

You can add an instruction using the add() method from Transaction e.g const transferInstruction = SystemProgram.transfer({ fromPubkey: sender.publicKey, toPubkey: receiver.publicKey, lamports: ...
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Solana sdk instruction is not matching my program's instruction

I guess you are missing the 8byte instruction discriminator: Anchor matches these against the available functions. If it does not find any it will end up here: // fallback instruction handler as ...
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