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solana/web3.js Request Airdrop 429 error

You have hit the rate limit. As the message suggests, you will have to wait till the 24 hours are up to request again. More Info You might also want to ...
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How can I access the 'Retry-After' HTTP response header while using @solana/web3.js to make RPC requests?

If you're currently using the public rpc and getting rate limited, try signing up for a free helius account and use a custom rpc endpoint.
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How can I import bundlrStorage in metaplex library in js?

Putting this here for future reference. For the latest "@metaplex-foundation/js" You'll have to use irysStorage instead of bundlrStorage. Like this: import { irysStorage } from "@...
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Set Mint Authority as PDA

Here is an example of an Anchor program instruction that creates a token2022 mint account with the metadata extension enable. You can use it as a starting point and update it to use a PDA as the mint ...
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in tweetnacl-rust Is there a way to Verify(detached_verify) signature on contract side in rust?

Unfortunately, you can't call the ed25519 program directly from your smart-contract. You need to include an instruction to the program at the toplevel, ie: let privkey = ed25519_dalek::Keypair:...
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