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Relevant field for JSON RPC getTransaction method

You need to consider both fields. A transaction has a sequence of instructions, where each instruction has a program ID, accounts and data. That program freely determines how it interprets the data ...
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How to perform a swap transaction in raydium with python?

The best way I've found to do this is by utilizing the raydium-sdk library alongside the Solana RPC API. Import the necessary functions and classes: from raydium_sdk import buy_token, sell_token from ...
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How to send transactions correctly and efficiently in python

Looking through the solana-py code, it looks like it'll usually do the right thing. You're forcing send_raw_transaction to also confirm the transaction, which eventually calls into
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How can I find a Solana transaction based on date/ time, without knowing the wallet, signature, etc.?

I believe this is difficult. At the start, I can think of an issue that despite you knowing the timeframe and amount you don't know if the token was a standard Solana SPL Token (
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How do you decode Raw Instruction Data using Python?

I am having the same issue. but I am using js. You can try deserialize sample transactions as below but I am facing the same issue with more complex transactions. #1 - Compute Budget: ...
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How to create a metadata account with python?

2024 update to @KingKevin answer Change createMetadataAccountArgsV3 to CreateMetadataAccountV3InstructionArgs
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