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How to transfer spl token using wallet-adapter or any other wallet like phantom wallet?

The transaction process remains consistent with the examples you've seen in tutorials. The key distinction lies in how the transaction is signed and sent. Here's an example in React using the ...
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How do you pay fee with solana adapter for backend transcation of sol

It doesn't appear that you're sending the transaction, just signing it. You can use sendTransaction(transaction, connection) from the useWallet() hook in wallet adapter to handle the flow of signing ...
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How long will a solana wallet being deactivated?

Solana wallets do not get deactivated due to inactivity. They remain active indefinitely as long as they maintain the minimum balance required for rent-exemption. This applies both after wallet ...
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About solana token Decimals

use getParsedAccountInfo rpc method to fetch token details of a particular mint address const result = await connection.getParsedAccountInfo(new PublicKey(mint), { commitment: 'confirmed', ...
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Fresh development environment fails to install required packages (NextJS/Typescript Env)

It looks like you might be missing some dependencies. According to, you should run: yarn add \ @solana/...
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