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how to make your dapp (frontend application) trustable for solana transactions

For phantom wallet try using this: Change your dApp to use the signAndSendTransaction method. Information about this method can be found here:
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Wallet Adapter (Standard) doesn't work on the iOS device

Unfortunately most wallets can't be autodetected by iOS. On Windows/Mac they're injected into the page by a browser extension, and on Android they can use Mobile Wallet Adapter (MWA), which is ...
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When using the wallet-adapter-react-ui package how can I handle the wallet connect event?

Looking at the WalletMultiButton, which inherits from the BaseWalletMultiButton, you do not have much control over it. type Props = ButtonProps & { labels: Omit< { [TButtonState in ...
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Tx sign: WalletSendTransactionError: Unexpected error

Is systemProgram: PROGRAM_ID, the system program ID - 11111111111111111111111111111111? import { SystemProgram } from "@solana/web3.js"; const instructone: TransactionInstruction = await ...
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Unable to use getOrCreateAssociatedTokenAccount for accounts that don't have the token

I did some more digging and stumbled upon the only solution around town that correctly uses the wallet-adapter and the connected wallet as the payer/signer:
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