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how to get owner of token account

request = requests.get(f"{hash}&limit=1&offset=0") request = request.json() owner = request["data"][0]["owner&...
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TokenAccountNotFoundError when sending SPL tokens in React

I use createAssociatedTokenAccountIdempotent for instead and it works createAssociatedTokenAccountIdempotent(provider.connection, payer.payer, mint, payer.publicKey, {}, TOKEN_2022_PROGRAM_ID);
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Try this in withdraw_tokens function:- let bump = &[ctx.bumps.pda_signer]; let binding =; let signer_seeds = &[&[b"sale", binding.as_ref(), ...
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SNS - Retrieve all Domains+Subdomains of an User

This is correct in all cases -- domains also have the owner written after 32 bytes. Here's the only data used for SNS accounts:
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Creating a new Associated Token Account is 10 times more expensive than expected

If you're using @solana/spl-token, you can get the amount required to create a token account using getMinimumBalanceForRentExemptAccount
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Transfer specific token to and from a known account

This looks okay, What I would add is checking whether the holding account to_ata is initialized, If it's not you could use anchor associated_token constraints #[derive(Accounts)] pub struct ...
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