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Observing a contract's behavior and withdrawing tokens from it

There's a few steps you'll need to take: Check if it's open-source. You may need to do some searching on their website, docs, and github for this. If it is, then your life has just got a whole lot ...
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Why we cannot enable transferfee config or enable metadata after minting on token 2022?

Most mint extensions cannot be added after the mint is initialized because they fundamentally alter how the token operates. If people are already using a token, and all of a sudden the mint creator ...
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Try this in withdraw_tokens function:- let bump = &[ctx.bumps.pda_signer]; let binding =; let signer_seeds = &[&[b"sale", binding.as_ref(), ...
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SNS - Retrieve all Domains+Subdomains of an User

This is correct in all cases -- domains also have the owner written after 32 bytes. Here's the only data used for SNS accounts:
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