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Raydium Liquidity Pool V4: SwapBaseIn (Program Error: "insufficient funds")

Its probably because you miss the sync transaction that actually does the swap of sol to Wsol
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"Error:encoding overruns Uint8Array" when sending transactions?

The 1232 limit is fixed, the only way you can get around that is to make your transaction smaller. One way to achieve this is using Address Lookup Tables. If this isn't enough/isn't applicable to your ...
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What’s this account doing? [BOT]

My understanding is this bot performs sandwich attacks using a dodgy/compromised RPC which allows him to see other people transactions just in time. That bot is everywhere and literally printing money ...
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Token swap error 0x26 InvalidSplTokenProgram on raydium rust

I faced a similar issue sometime ago. Issue was that the from and to token accounts i.e. user_sol_account, use_wif_account in your case, were not having token create instructions appended in the ...
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"User token input does not match amm" error

Had the same problem just now, it was a very obvious bug for me. The problem was related to baseMint and quoteMint addresses, you probably messed up with them somewhere in your code when dealing with ...
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Token without value of dollar $. How to swap it back?

If your token account has been frozen only the owner of the token with the freeze authority can unfreeze it probably. Best contact the creator of the coin.
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Unable to add instruction to a transaction

I don't think this is possible without Jito. Solana has a max transaction size of 1232 bytes ( Therefore if your instructions are ...
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Unable to add instruction to a transaction

You can add an instruction using the add() method from Transaction e.g const transferInstruction = SystemProgram.transfer({ fromPubkey: sender.publicKey, toPubkey: receiver.publicKey, lamports: ...
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Python Solana bot transaction issues

I happened to fix this by switching to Jupiter api, and using these links : This in create_exchange()_{input_token_mint}&outputMint={output_token_mint}&...
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Python Solana bot transaction issues

It looks like you may have issue with "swapTransaction" ... I would suggest you to add error handling (perform_swap function swap_transaction function) and to check the response for ...
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How can I programmatically swap with the Jupiter API?

First thing that needs to be done is fetching a quote. This can be done via the /v6/quote endpoint. Here we'll take an "inputMint" as a string for the token we want to swap from and use ...
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What determines the fee payer on a token swap?

If you are sending the transaction through Phantom's ui, it likely automatically sets your address as the transaction fee payer since you are the one sending the transaction. By default, the first ...
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