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Do I publish the coin via a pull-request?

I would advise you to first look at the documentation and understand how tokens work on Solana. The docs cover everything takes you through what tokens are and how ...
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For that you can for example use the transfer hook extension of the token extension program (aka token 2022) Its not an easy task though. Here is a repository with a transfer hook whitelist example: ...
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Is it possible to create deflationary token on solana?

You can create a token with the "transfer fee" extension, and set the fee withdraw authority to the PDA for some simple program which allows anyone to withdraw and burn the fees on any ...
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Wrapping Sol results into Error: IncorrectProgramId

I finally figured out the problem: I was not initializing the ATA(I assumed it happens automatically when doing a transaction), the owner of the ATA was not the Token Program One more point worth ...
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How to find newly deployed tokens on Solana?

You can use Bitquery Instructions API to easily subscribe to newly deployed Tokens in Solana blockchain. To test out the subscription, here's the link -
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Unable to use getOrCreateAssociatedTokenAccount for accounts that don't have the token

I did some more digging and stumbled upon the only solution around town that correctly uses the wallet-adapter and the connected wallet as the payer/signer:
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Remove Transfer-Hook from my token

Definitely! You just need to disable the transfer hook program id on your token. You can do that by running: $ spl-token set-transfer-hook <TOKEN_MINT_ID> --disable
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What determines the fee payer on a token swap?

If you are sending the transaction through Phantom's ui, it likely automatically sets your address as the transaction fee payer since you are the one sending the transaction. By default, the first ...
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To resolve the error you're encountering, ensure you are in the project root directory and run the following command to install the required package: : npm i @solana-developers/helpers This should ...
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how to decode data instructions with javascript

more easier solution to import the borsh decode from [email protected] (guess has similar solution for other anchor version) import { BorshInstructionCoder } from "@coral-xyz/anchor"; let coder = ...
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