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Modify sent amount on Transfer hook

I have been recently started to play around the transfer hook and explored the Anchor tutorial on the website. My question is if the transfer hook reflects the end state of the transfer is there any ...
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Custom program error: 0x7dc8348c

I using instructions from here, and getting error: Transaction simulation failed: Error processing Instruction 0: custom program error: 0x7dc8348c while ...
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How do I send a token with the transfer-hook extension using the spl-token command line interface?

I am trying to test the transfer-hook extension by creating and minting a token using the example transfer-hook program. I have successfully deployed the program, created the token with the transfer-...
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Token-2022: Can an Instruction to Execute a Transfer Hook be added to a Program with other Instructions?

I'm looking into using the transfer hook from token-2022 to run some logic whenever my custom spl-token is transferred. I came this Github link and while it helps, I have a lot of questions. Like for ...
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I can't transfer all of my Lamports to another account

If there are 891000 lamports in my account, I can't transfer all of these to another rich account. It says "Transaction simulation failed: Transaction results in an account (0) without ...
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What is the difference between Transfer and TransferChecked instruction from the SPL Token Program?

I'm curious what the practical difference is between the Transfer and TransferChecked instructions, and when should we use one over the other. In this question, I'm using Transfer/TransferChecked as ...
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